Zero Waste Policy

Here at Lawsons we try to do our utmost best at making sure that all our waste is 100% re-used. This is what happens with the waste in our yard when the timber goes through the various processes before we send orders out.

1. We cut all the split pieces off all the floorboards, these off cuts are made into small items of furniture, mainly display boxes or garden planters.

2. All the nails and scrap metal are then removed and sent to the local scrap yard where they are sent to be recycled into various different products.

3. The timber is then sometimes re-machined and all the sawdust/shavings we produce goes through our extraction system into a large skip where it is used for livestock bedding .This is only moved approx 20 miles up the road from us.

4. Any waste off cuts that can’t be recycled go into our incinerator that heats our workshop or is sold on as firewood in our local area

5. We don’t have mains electric; we run a generator which we only start when we use our machinery. Everything is turned off overnight, our lighting and alarm system is run by battery packs that have been charged during the day when the generator is switched on to power the machinery in our saw mill.

We do our best, as we all should these days, and really as our whole business is recycling our carbon footprint isn’t too large, and where our clients used to buy our products mainly for aesthetic reasons, the fact that we are re-using old materials is becoming more and more of a real consideration for people who buy from us.