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Reclaimed Medium Pine Floorboards

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We reclaim timber and create beautiful, bespoke items like doors, floors and furniture. Our joiners are fully City and Guilds qualified and combine traditional methods with modern technology to produce high-quality craftmanship.
Torpedo Gunners Chest

Coffee Tables

Add charm and character with a bespoke coffee table made in our factory from reclaimed timber. A wonderful alternative to mass produced items you'll find elsewhere, your guests will love to gather round these tables for coffee and conversation. 

engineered oak flooring

Contemporary Oak

In beautiful, neutral colours and with a gently hand-brushed surface, our contemporary range offers a sophisticated and understated appearance. The boards are finished in oil and supplied to you with a simple micro-bevel joint.


If you're looking for beautiful, bespoke flooring, our stunning range of floorboards are handcrafted by skilled craftsman in our traditional sawmill situated in West Lancashire's countryside. Try our engineered format for ease of fitting or for use over underfloor heating systems.

warehouse oak

Hand Aged

Hand-aged in our sawmill by experienced craftsmen, every board from this premium collection can be distressed to a level of your choosing. The result is a unique and bespoke floor, offering a truly authentic reclaimed oak appearance.

Manor House Dark

Manor House Oak

Made from character-grade French Oak and boasting a beautiful undulating surface, our highly-skilled craftsmen carefully sand each board by hand before finishing them in your choice of oil or lacquer.

Panels and Parquet

Panels and Parquet

Originating from 16th century France, parquet flooring will add sophistication and movement to a room. The beauty of the wood, its grain and colour, is highlighted by the striking geometric patterns, offering a warm and interesting option suited to both traditional and modern properties.

reclaimed flooring

Reclaimed Flooring

Welcome to our Reclaimed Floorboard page. All the boards on here are made from our reclaimed timber stock. This is salvaged from cotton mills, schools, factories and many more properties either being refurbished or demolished. Most of our reclaimed Oak comes in from country houses and estates in France. In our traditional Lancashire sawmill we cut up the reclaimed timber to make into our unique engineered floorboard ranges. Every board is hand-worked by highly-skilled craftsman to create a beautiful time-worn look and feel and will bring character to any property it is fitted in.

Reclaimed Wall Cladding

Reclaimed Wall Cladding

Whether you're looking to make a statement in your home or add character to your venue, we use reclaimed timber to clad walls, bars, counters and display units. We carefully select timber from all over the world, each piece chosen for its high-quality and own unique characteristics.

Vintage Engineers Cabinets

Restaurant Furniture

Showcase your venue's individuality with gorgeous tables made in our very own factory by highly-skilled craftsman. Each piece is bespoke, unique and with its own character, colour and texture.


All of our shelves are made from our stock of reclaimed timber. From reclaimed pine joists and beams to Antique French Oak Barn cladding we have lots to choose from. All can be cut to size in our saw mill. Our craft packs are designed for the home crafters and makers out there. They are an eclectic and unique mix of timbers that you can design and make small furniture and gift items from.
Antique French Table

Table Tops

Ideal for bars, counters, worktops or kitchen islands, our table tops are made from reclaimed timber, specially chosen for its unique characteristics. Made to the size and specification you require, or if you have a particular design in mind, our table tops can be made from any of the boards in our flooring range.

Traditional Oak Flooring

Traditional Oak Flooring

Simple, beautiful Oak flooring best describes our traditional collection. Character grade hand-finished in classic colours and coated with Hardwax Oil. Supplied to you with beautiful hand worked tongue and groove joints for a stunning, traditional finish. Available in both solid and engineered formats.

Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

These pieces are packed full of charm and character. Beautifully restored, they will make a wonderful talking point for you and your guests.