This page showcases our collection of furniture that we feel fits under the heading of storage.

All genuine vintage items are sourced from our network of dealers and contacts which we have built up over years of trading throughout the UK and Europe.

As a reclamation yard we have the added advantage of going into factories and industrial buildings which are due to be demolished and salvage a variety of pieces when we are buying floorboards, beams, and timber cladding.

Every piece of furniture goes through the workshop where our team of craftsmen carry out any repairs needed, whilst maintaining the authentic and original look of each piece. Each item is thoroughly cleaned and fully treated before being placed for sale.

Our style and aim is to keep each piece looking as unrestored as possible retaining the true authenticity, originality and character acquired over its lifetime.

All now available to click and buy with the option to add UK Mainland delivery. Please email for a quote other than UK Mainland Delivery.