Why Lawson's?

lawsonsWe are one of the largest suppliers of bespoke hand made wooden floors in the UK. Lawsons is a family owned business, now in its 3rd generation and trading for over 70 years. We use both reclaimed and new FSC or PEFC certified timbers in our various collections. Our engineered reclaimed boards look identical to solid reclaimed boards, a far cry from the mass-produced option offered by most other companies. Our hand aged new Oak range has all the hallmarks of genuine reclaimed Oak. We know this as we supply both and have the expertise and experience to be able to recreate these type of boards using time honoured traditional methods.

With everything manufactured at our sawmill in Lancashire, our highly-skilled craftsmen take great care to hand sand and finish each individual board, painstakingly hand working every joint to remove the uniformity produced by machining timber.

From eye-catching cladded walls and units, to easy-to-fit engineered floorboards that can be used over certain underfloor heating systems and glued down to solid subfloors, we bring to you a truly authentic reclaimed look.