It is always necessary to apply a finish to all timber products, be it furniture, wall cladding or flooring. The finish is designed to seal the timber, protect it, make it easy to clean and keep the boards looking beautiful. The best finish for our wall cladding is lacquer. It forms a protective hard layer over the surface without darkening or changing the colour of the timber. It also enables the boards to be wiped clean/dusted very easily. We choose a low sheen level of 10% but if you require a higher gloss finish this can be done as all our products are bespoke.

We offer this extra service for £15 per square metre which covers the cost of the lacquer and labour to do this. The boards are coated 3 times and lightly sanded (de-nibbed) between each coat to make sure the finished timber is smooth to the touch. Simply click “add finish” on your order and we will do the rest. The boards can then be fitted in your property with no further work required.