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Our Story

History, Heritage and Ethos

What We Do

We machine reclaimed timber into products such as doors, floors and various items of furniture. You can view all the different things we sell on our product pages. Everything we make is bespoke and made to customer’s own individual size and specification. Our joiners are fully City and Guilds qualified and use traditional methods with the help of modern machinery to reduce time costs to produce high quality work. Customers can visit the yard whenever they wish to check on progress of their requirements, as everything is made in house. This is something we try to encourage customers to do so they have complete peace of mind. We also sell reclaimed and new Oak beams and also reclaimed Pine beams. The reclaimed Oak and Pine beams need to be restored and treated before they can be re-used and this is a service we offer to customers. This involves removing the soft and decayed timber from the beams by hand, then we often shot blast them, then give them final sand and treat them with a universal insecticide and fungal killer.

Our Stock

Because reclaimed materials are unique and individual, it is impossible to list our stock holding as this can change from day to day. We do however hold a large amount of beams and flooring, both new and reclaimed. In our sawmill we produce high quality Oak boards with special antique finishes aimed at the heritage market. Also we now specialise in stone and slate floors. On top of this we have our own joinery shop manufacturing doors and different mouldings for skirting and architraves. Our team consists of fully qualified joiners who have a years of experience with traditional construction methods to ensure our products are in keeping with the settings they are going in.


Our aim is to provide high quality products along side excellent customer care, so our clients can proceed with their projects with the knowledge that our experience and understanding of the building and renovation industry, will ensure that the job runs smoothly and without problems.
To recycle materials as much as we possibly can, this is becoming more and more important as the obvious signs of global warming start to take effect. We wont be able to save the world, but at least we are doing our bit!
To mix contemporary ideas with old products to create interiors which meet with today’s high standard of living.


Established over 60 years ago, Mr T Lawson senior saw the quality of timber and various other materials that was starting to be taken out of buildings after the war, also in the old Lancashire cotton mills that were dis-used or undergoing renovation. He realised there was a market value in this, mainly due to the quality of the old timber, and started up what is now a thriving business.

Why Lawson's?

lawsonsWe are one of the largest suppliers of bespoke hand made wooden floors in the UK. Lawsons is a family owned business, now in its 3rd generation and trading for over 70 years. We use both reclaimed and new FSC or PEFC certified timbers in our various collections. Our engineered reclaimed boards look identical to solid reclaimed boards, a far cry from the mass-produced option offered by most other companies. Our hand aged new Oak range has all the hallmarks of genuine reclaimed Oak. We know this as we supply both and have the expertise and experience to be able to recreate these type of boards using time honoured traditional methods.

With everything manufactured at our sawmill in Lancashire, our highly-skilled craftsmen take great care to hand sand and finish each individual board, painstakingly hand working every joint to remove the uniformity produced by machining timber.

From eye-catching cladded walls and units, to easy-to-fit engineered floorboards that can be used over certain underfloor heating systems and glued down to solid subfloors, we bring to you a truly authentic reclaimed look.

Our Zero Waste Policy

Here at Lawsons we try to do our utmost best at making sure that all our waste is 100% re-used. This is what happens with the waste in our yard when the timber goes through the various processes before we send orders out.

1. We cut all the split pieces off all the floorboards, these off cuts are made into small items of furniture, mainly display boxes or garden planters.

2. All the nails and scrap metal are then removed and sent to the local scrap yard where they are sent to be recycled into various different products.

3. The timber is then sometimes re-machined and all the sawdust/shavings we produce goes through our extraction system into a large skip where it is used for livestock bedding .This is only moved approx 20 miles up the road from us.

4. Any waste off cuts that can’t be recycled go into our incinerator that heats our workshop or is sold on as firewood in our local area

5. We don’t have mains electric; we run a generator which we only start when we use our machinery. Everything is turned off overnight, our lighting and alarm system is run by battery packs that have been charged during the day when the generator is switched on to power the machinery in our saw mill.

We do our best, as we all should these days, and really as our whole business is recycling our carbon footprint isn’t too large, and where our clients used to buy our products mainly for aesthetic reasons, the fact that we are re-using old materials is becoming more and more of a real consideration for people who buy from us.